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Our Work

We specialize in providing custom stonework that is perfect for individual homeowners and homebuilding partners alike. Our catalog of successful projects showcases our ability to create beautiful pieces that stand the test of time. Each project is unique and requires a specific set of skills and materials. We take pride in exceeding our client's expectations.

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BuildSense, a high-performance design + build company, delivers high-quality turn-key projects for clients all across the Triangle since its start in 1999. BuildSense certifies each new home through the National Green Building Standard and Energy Star. The clients’ projects are well-lit, well-ventilated, well-conditioned, and are built without toxic materials. From modern to historic, their clients enjoy healthy and beautiful spaces to live, work, and play. Historical renovations are exceedingly complicated due to historical preservation standards and working on a structure that is a hundred-plus years old. “When we have a challenging project like this recent home, it’s great to have partners like Sam, Kathleen, and their team at Custom Stone & Marble,” says Michael Hayes, who is the Build Operations Lead at BuildSense. “The level of trust that exists between us makes our projects easy because I feel comfortable having them on the job without any oversight. That’s difficult to find in a trade partner.” This particular client desired a very complicated design that without Sam and his team’s expertise, would not have been possible according to Hayes. “We had a tile layout meeting with Sam where he laid out the tile and floor pattern and showed his installer exactly where the cuts were to be. Both Sam and I take notes during the meeting and then compare before we start the installation. This process has been refined over the years and now has been perfected because the single biggest issue about communication is the illusion that its’ taken place. Thus, we always ensure that we are on the same page.” The result was a one-of-a-kind home and more importantly, a happy client. Custom Stone & Marble knowledge, expertise, and craftsmanship is unparalleled and it doesn’t just lie with Sam. It spans throughout their entire team. That is unique and purposeful and is what differentiates Custom Stone & Marble from its competitors. “If you are seeking a partner who is trustworthy, who provides a high touch experience to any and all clients, and possesses the knowledge and expertise to make the impossible possible, you’ll find that with Custom Stone & Marble,” says Hayes. *Credit for photography is Cat Wilborne.

New Dimensions Construction

New Dimension Construction is a North Carolina-based builder that specializes in high-end custom home construction and renovations. Ryan Smith took ownership of his family’s business in 2015 and has continued his relationship with Custom Stone & Marble which was established by his father. “They are our exclusive provider of tile and stone because they’re set up to do any job no matter the complexity. Their expertise and superior craftsmanship are unlike any other trade partner I’ve had,” says Smith. “We deal with different types of people in the customer service business and it can sometimes be a challenge. I appreciate their willingness to do whatever it takes to make the customer happy.” Custom Stone & Marble relationship management came in handy in a recent project led by New Dimension Construction. The project was a historical home renovation of a home built in the 1900’s. The client’s architect had designed a shower that would be installed where a closet currently existed. “Many times we will see architects create wild designs that don’t necessarily work in execution, " says Smith. We tried to tell the client that this was a poor design choice and laid out all the challenges and risks in bringing their design from paper to construction. The client was adamant in the design and I knew then that I needed Sam’s expertise and more importantly, his relationship skills. Sam worked closely with the client to share the pros and cons of the options that he offered and selected one of his top installers, Eddie, for this project. Sam’s unrivaled knowledge and hands-on management style made the project possible resulting in a client who was beyond thrilled with their project’s outcome.” Smith knows the value of relationships between client and company but also between company and trade partner. “Sam and his team have this incredible ability to communicate with all types of people and personalities. Their technical skills are unparalleled and span across their entire team from Sam and Kathleen to their install team,” says Smith. This level of trust, professionalism, and passion for the customer is difficult to come by and is what makes Custom Stone & Marble unique. *Credit for photography is Kelley Deal Photography

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