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As you begin planning your project, we've compiled additional insights to help prepare you for partnering with us.


Are you able to help me find a contractor for my project?

We have a network of professionals that we can connect you with to manage every aspect of your project. As your fabricator, we will template, cut, and install your material while partnering with your general contractor. 


What do I need for an accurate estimate for my project?

For an accurate estimate, you will need to provide blueprints or design layout with dimensions. Additionally, you will need to provide the edge type you wish for your design. 


What do I need to prepare for a showroom appointment?

We ask that you bring blueprints, design layouts, and or sketches of your project inclusive of dimensions. Additionally, bring any samples and or photos of design elements like flooring, cabinets, paint colors, etc. to help guide you in your material selections with our trusted staff.


I don’t have blueprints. What do I do to prepare for my upcoming appointment?

You can sketch your design and bring images. As you draft the sketch of your space, you’ll need to measure and include dimensions of your space. See some sample sketches below to help guide you.

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